Less noise, more focus.

2020 was the best and most important year of my life. It changed me or made me more effective in 3 main areas:

1. Health — I was healthy, but I made it into whole another level, and the main reason was fasting, in a form of OMAD (One meal a day).

2. Career — Pandemics popped so many ideas into my head, as a person who functions much better in a crisis than in normality, it made me think reactively, a state of mind which makes me always search for solutions with the aim of building the ultimate one.

3. Character development — Since I function better as a person in abnormal situations, it actually felt like home to me, and gave me time to see even more clearly while society exposed many aspects that not every generation is lucky to witness. It made me even more aware of my position and values, which resulted in denoising the surroundings. By denoising, I mean filtering through behaviors and people that matter and ones that are waste of time or potential.

Incorporating primal instincts and priorities in the modern world.

Eating only once a day made me experience mental focus and body energy in a way I never thought possible because I missed the POINT OF REFERENCE before. Curiosity will make you denoise orphaned social constructs/aspects if you happen to be open-minded enough. An early point of reference was that I should follow and make sense of the social constructs of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I developed a principle where I’m only allowed to eat once a day, and only eat if I did something productive during the day, which excludes sports, walking, gym, and other hobbies or activities that involve burning calories. If I fail at being productive during the day, then my body won’t get any food. If I fail mentally, at least I will gain something physically, in this case, become healthier. I found a way to incorporate Positive Failure in my routine. The Positive Failure approach will make you see the world differently and as if something you shouldn’t avoid, but instead consider it as an alternative gain. The key concept in Positive Failure is identifying the gain points, which could also be seen as reference points.

“Reference points” have and will be mentioned more throughout this text. As a suggestion, I would propose you start seeing them as points on a map.

Below is something I’m not comfortable with if someone else reads it. But it’s worth taking a risk in creating a potential point of reference.

In order to live your life as efficiently as possible and explore nature as much as possible, which in modern terms means also exploring humanity, since we have become the dominant species of the planet, you have to know how to exploit the masses, including direct controlling of it and through labor workforce.

In order for this to make sense, we will need to talk about the ways you define Good and Bad in your life. Because this text is a result of my approach in life which is absent from Good and Bad definitions, that masses mostly base their life on.

What you define as Good or Bad sets the foundation for the biggest illusion in your life.

Your efficiency as a dominant being, because as I mentioned before, Good and Bad don’t exist unless you come up with a definition based on your surrounding factors, is a system of three main components:

  1. Your intelligence and ability to dominate the masses, also the skills to use physical devices.
  2. Exploiting of masses in the most efficient way, meaning taking control of the “wheel” of Good and Bad, which undoubtedly has a strong emotional foundation in masses.
  3. Mass exploitation in competition to other exploiters.

Point number 3 is the most important one, because if you aren’t a dominating factor in exploiting the masses then you are part of the mass that is always being exploited, as an individual or part of a group.

This text doesn’t make any sense if you base your life strictly on Good and Bad, morals based on it, and the cycle of the ego-emotional duality that is at the heart of this approach.

Pulley effect.

If there’s a simple way to define my life goal, then it would be the pulley effect. Certain aspects of life that pull a hard string between 3 main areas that I mentioned at the beginning of this article, through points of reference. That way I get to pull the most out of life.

Allgoistic point of view.

Wait, that’s a thing?! No, but I will try to explain why I think it should be. I wish I could use “Optimistic” instead of Allgoistic, but every time I hear that word it irritates me how different it is compared to “Optimisation”. Allgoistic point of view is the opposite of empathy, which is usually associated with narcissism, but in this case, is the opposite of it, it’s the idea that the only way to really help the most number of people throughout your life is for you to become the best and most powerful version of yourself in the first place.

One important thing that may have led you to believe while reading this, you may already think that I’m egoistic, I talked a lot about myself, but if there’s a way to define individualism from my point of view, then it will be by making the best version of thyself and not by trying to devalue or lower the general standards.

There’s no way you would be able to help others effectively if you define help as something you need to exclusively be emotionally involved in it. Helping someone is not how you help people and helping people is not the same as helping someone, it’s the closest analogy of the illusion as a result of your Good and Bad point of view, similar to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. In order to understand this part better, I suggest going through the part about Good and Bad in life that I explained above again if needed.

Arrogance and power are the answer to ignorance.

You can’t tell people to do good or become better, but you can force them, as long as your Good and Bad ultimate illusion is not that destructive. Another way to make people do good is to stop them from doing bad. There’s no middle ground here, you are exploiting or you’re being exploited by a higher power, and that higher power is again driven by some Good or Bad illusion which we often know as intention.

Coronavirus itself was the vaccine for humanity.

We witnessed the restructuring of values, and we will continue to do so.




Software Architect

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Enis Hyseni

Enis Hyseni

Software Architect

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